Providing appropriate … Probably their growth rates wouldn't be that different. These wonderful fish are native to Central America, from Mexico further south to Honduras. Before its current name, the first was known as Cichlasoma, Archocentrus, and Heros. Tue May 10, 2011 1:09 pm. Electric Blue Jack Dempsey need clean, acidic to neutral water as well as live plants in order to thrive, They are realativily easy to keep and should be housed with other semi aggressive fish. Christianity Jingles Tanks. The attractive Black Belt Cichlid Paraneetroplus maculicauda (previously Vieja maculicauda and Cichlasoma maculicauda) is a popular choice for both beginner and experienced fishkeepers.As with most cichlids, the Black Belt Cichlid is an intelligent fish and can come to recognize and respond to a particular owner. What Size Needed? He doesn't seem to have been bullied all day today though, intact the two of … Apr 27, 2009 8,485 4 0 Michigan. Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Growth Journal. -Severums? Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Growth Rate? The blue version has not been documented to occur naturally in the wild. I have had him for around two months now with NO problems with internal parasites and such. 10"? I had read an earlier article in TFH detailing its origin. Within the past 10 years, another variation has emerged, the electric blue Jack Dempsey (EBJ). Go. Member. Central and South American Cichlids. Central and South American Cichlids. As per your setup, I would say provide a flowerpot or a stone slate. Central and South American Cichlids . I have two of them and want to add some other fish to my aquarium. What are some of your favorite fish? Not a super fast growing Cichlid in comparison to the Oscar for example, but not incredibly slow either. -Our angel was alone (of course with many other fish species) for over half a year, we just introduced the new angels about a week ago and she did well. This species of fish is known for forming nuclear families. -My favorite fish is an oscar. -Unless you get them from a reputable breeder who guarantees their gender, you won’t really know until the breeding starts. Electric Blue Acara Breeding. They are relatively easy to breed but take a lot … Piranha Fish Aquarium Size? Thread starter Bluesandtwo; Start date Jan 10, 2020; Forums. And their tanks are often so dirty it is a big risk buying fish even if you quarantine because of the wasted money when fish die. The body color is gray and blue with several vertical black bands and sparkles scattered over the body. Lots of fishonality. Diversifying the brands of foods really helps as well. Male is larger, more deep bodied and brightly colored. MFK Member. In a … Once I tried to save three German rams and a school of sterbai corys from their filthy tanks. Bluesandtwo Piranha. P. probassfisher010 Feeder Fish. MFK Member. Ad Type : Offering 10 gallon / 40 liter planted aquarium for sale in Bathramulla. No leaks. Next Last. The Electric Blue Jack Dempsey cichlid Rocio octofasciata cf. Distribution- Jack Dempsey are native to the Atlantic slope of Central America, from Rio Chachalacas and Rio Paso San … There really isn’t a true answer to how fast your fish should grow but an average of a couple inches a year sounds about right. Rs 4,950 . We bought 3 large adults in hopes that one was at least a male thankfully this guy instantly paired to her. The male grows larger as compared to females. Neon blue). Followers 12. Tank was set up 2 months ago. I meet so many people who have terrible tanks all because of petsmart/petco people telling lies. © 2005-2019 Probably their growth rates wouldn't be that different. Naturally, Jack Dempseys are inhabitants of warm, slow-moving water areas including rivers, lakes and canals. Right now I have Black Skirts, Serpe, Electric Blue Neons, Bolivian Ramsand some Clown Loaches. Elecric Blue Jack Dempsey Growth rate? Prev. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. He is colorful too. Once these fish have reached the 4-5 inch mark in their growth they’re able to breed. This HD video shows me hand feeding my electric blue jack Dempsey ( ebjd ).At 8 inches long, he is my favorite aquarium fish, and the star of my fish room. -Well i can put him back in the fifty five I’ll just put the little angel fish in the thirty gl and put the platty in a five gallon there’s only three. Apr 6, 2019. Severums? A distinctive feature of the Electric Blue Jack Dempsey is loyalty to one partner throughout life. Some are much higher quality than others. Lictoga 361 Lictoga 361 Titanium Member; Forum Member; 361 3,027 posts; Location: Ipswich Report post; Posted August 31, 2015. where is yamba? What is the growth rate of these fish and what could I be doing wrong? A bright blue variant normally referred to as ‘electric blue Jack Dempsey’ or simply ‘EBJD’ is an ornamental strain fixed from a natural mutation (Practical Fishkeeping, 2014). The temperature is 80 degrees F, no ammonia, nitrites, about 50ppm nitrates